Maine’s marijuana market opening could be a letdown for many

The long-awaited launch of Maine’s recreational cannabis market will likely fall short of expectations, with some shops unsure if they will even have marijuana to sell, much less the THC-infused food and drinks readily available on the state’s existing medical market.

One state-approved shop said it may skip opening day altogether, its owners unsure whether they will have any products to sell Friday, the state’s first official day of adult-use sales. Retailers blame a licensing backlog for the expected shortages. Regulators agree, but say that’s what happens when you try to launch a new market during a global pandemic.

“We were so happy to get our state license, but we can’t stock the shelves,” said David Page, an owner of Coastal Cannabis Co. in Damariscotta. “As much as we want to do opening day, and we really, really do, we’re thinking we might sit this out, and maybe give the supply chain a chance to get going. We want to do this right.”

Retailers say they will have a limited supply and variety of marijuana. Most expect to sell out quickly, even after instituting first-day purchase limits. Only one shop has the faintest hope of stocking any infused edibles. [Read more at Portland Press Herald]

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