The Lost Ingredient of the Perfect Punch: Oleo Saccharum

Jam-packed with TERPENES, Oleo Saccharum translates to “oil sugar” and was a staple in the manufacture of old-timey punches.

Previously used to stretch limited supplies of fresh citrus during long sailing and naval expeditions, it was commonly mixed with high-proof gins and rums to create some of the very first punches. Once a relatively obscure ingredient, Oleo Saccrum is making a comeback thanks to the resurging popularity of craft punches.

This blood orange oleo recipe adds an amazing depth of flavor, and a loutish mouthfeel to drinks that just can’t be replicated without it. Best of all, it’s dead simple to make and you can use just about any citrus, or a combination of citrus, to suit your specific needs. All that’s required are two ingredients: fresh citrus peels, sugar, and at least four [4] hours of patience.

Blood Orange Oleo Sacchrum Recipe:

A complicated name for a simple concept: syrup loaded with citrus essential oils and terpenes. 

15 Blood oranges ( or your choice of seasonal citrus)

    2 ½ cups of refined white sugar (Roughly two ounces of refined white sugar is needed for each whole citrus used. When using smaller citruses with thin rinds, cut the amount of sugar by half).

      1. Gently hand-wash the citrus in warm water and dry with a towel.
      2. Zest citrus (Refrigerate remaining fruit for future use)
      3. Combine the peels and sugar in a large Ziplock bag, gently mix, and then let it sit overnight, or for a minimum of six hours.

      4. Finally, strain out the oil and add in half as much water to create the final product (roughly one ounce of per citrus).

      As a rough guideline, 12-14 oranges should produce approximately one quart of oleo saccharum syrup.