Truss Beverage Releases Cannabis-Infused Drinks Across Canada

Company is joint venture between Molson Coors, Hexo

TORONTO — Truss Beverage Co., a joint venture between Molson Coors Beverage Co. and Hexo Corp., is releasing a line of cannabis-infused beverages across Canada.

Molson Coors and Gatineau, Quebec-based Hexo, a licensed producer of cannabis products in Canada, started the Toronto-based joint venture Truss in 2018. The move marked an extension of Molson Coors’ beyond-beer ambitions, the company said.

“Molson Coors has been innovating in beverages for centuries. As it broadens out beyond beer, non-alcohol cannabis beverages are an exciting new frontier in Canada, and Truss has developed some incredible brands and beverages that are sure to be leaders in that marketplace,” said Pete Marino, a member of Truss’ board of directors and president of Molson Coors’ emerging growth division.

Truss’ new non-alcohol drinks are infused with varying levels of CBD and THC and include:

  • House of Terpenes: A Limonene and Myrcene flavored sparkling tonic.
  • Little Victory: A light tasting, bubbly beverage available in Dry Grapefruit and Dry Lemon and a fruit flavor forward sparkling beverage in Dark Cherry and Blood Orange.
  • Mollo 2.5 and Mollo 5: Crisp-tasting cannabis beverages with a light hoppy finish.
  • Veryvell: A lineup of products that support self-care, including Strawberry Hibiscus and Sicilian Lemon-Flavored Sparkling Waters, Lemon Black Iced Tea and Cannabis Extract Drops.
  • XMG: Non-carbonated, high-intensity flavored drink in Mango Pineapple and Tropical Fruit flavors. [Read More @CSP Daily News]